Raising Healthy Kids is the Future!!

Raising Healthy Kids = Healthy Future!! We need more than lite ice-cream to help children fight the battle of the bulge. Experts are calling for a revolution, and as parents it is our responsibility to start it for our kids.

Being overweight makes many people self-conscious. But for 12-year-old Emily, on the brink of her teen years, it's especially daunting. She's been one of the fat kids, obese for almost four years and her case is not uncommon. Almost a quarter of Australian children share her problem, a figure that has doubled over the past 15 years.

Although adult obesity rates are far higher, childhood obesity is a concern because it increases health risks not normally associated with youth. Type 2 diabetes, for example, was almost unheard of in young people until recent years. Now we have an epidemic of the condition, largely spurred by increasing obesity rates.

Global Epidemic

According to the World Health Organization, close to 18 million children and 200 million adults around the world were obese in 1995. As of 2003, there are an estimated 300 million obese adults worldwide. And obesity is not just a product of the western world. In fact, developing countries hold around one-third of the world's obese population.

The prevalence of obesity is placing a major burden on health care providers globally. In the United States, the total economic cost is estimated at around $99US billion (almost $A200 billion). The figure in Australia is just over $A1.2 billion a year. Around two-thirds of Australian adult males and over half of adult females are classed as either overweight or obese – a total of almost seven million people.

Raising healthy kids is a must!!!

Keeping the Family Healthy

All children need a high level of nutrients to support their growth and development. Younger children need a constant supply of energy as they grow, while teenagers require energy stores for growth spurts.

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of healthy food available in Australia and the nation’s obsession with sport, the incidence of childhood obesity is rising. Obesity in children is usually due to a combination of factors such as poor eating habits, their genetic makeup and lack of exercise. Raising healthy kids is being neglected!!!

Children nowadays also tend to be driven to their many structured activities and have less available time for unstructured play such as bike riding, skipping or playing hide and seek. Additionally, children appear to consume more fast food, which is high in saturated fat, sugar and calories and low in nutrition.

It is important that weight control is a family affair and that family members support one another. Children need to learn from a young age what are ‘everyday foods’ eg. Fruit, Cereals and Breads, Vegetables, Lean Meats, and some Dairy Products and what are ‘special occasion foods’ eg. Sweets, ice cream, cakes and fried foods.


• Make food fun. Instead of plain fruit and vegetables platter, arrange the food items in the shape of a face or a person. You can also use toothpicks and get creative. Follow this link to get healthy snacks for kids

• Raising healthy kids to help in the kitchen when you or your partners are cooking the family dinner. Children love to be creative.

• Do not reward your children with food.

• Make sure healthy kids have a balanced breakfast. For example, scrambled eggs rather than coco puffs.

• Provide plenty of cool filtered water to satisfy children’s thirst rather than having juice or soft drink in the house.

• Limit TV watching or computer games. Read the TV guide together and agree on programs that the children are allowed to watch.

• Make exercise fun and a family experience eg. Go for a bush walk, fly a kite etc.

• Children are great imitators, so set a good example. You cannot expect a child to eat a salad while Mum and Dad eat deep fried fish and chips.

Raising Healthy Kids

Now is the time that we make the change our kids life. Now is the time that stand up for our overweight kids and help them have the life they haven't yet been able to live. Allow your kids to be a healthy kid.

I know that if anyone ever tried to stop my children from doing all they could or hindering them in someway, I would stop them anyway possible.

Allow your child to live the life of a kid, be able to run around, get involved with their friends, join a weekend sport group, have a life and feel good about themselves.

Lets start that today, lets make that change and allow them live without regrets.

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