Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

Healthy habits for kids are of utmost importance, the earlier you can implement our healthy snack recipes for kids and begin to change the food habits in your family’s eating habits, the better. Here we will discuss some great recipes for kids along side of how kids have different dietary needs from different periods in their lives. These pointers will help guide you through some of the milestones.

Please see the end of this article for some healthy snack recipes for kids.

Healthy Habits for Kids - Preschool to Preteen

From preschool age as well as in to the early adolescent years, parents still have plenty of influence over exactly what their own children eat. Building a positive lifestyle at home is especially important in forming healthy habits for kids since kids will progressively make choices of their own away from home and with friends.

• Make calories count. This may sound like adult dieting advice, but just what this actually implies is, try to ensure each bite your child consumes is as nutrition loaded as it can be. Permitting them to fill up on non-nutritive calories (such as excessive fruit juice for instance) could displace the nutritious foods they might have otherwise eaten.

• Choose whole grains along with whole grain items (breads, pastas, brown rice, oats) rather than processed grain items.

• Limit access to “junk” food items, but offer a few alternative sweet options. Making all sweets forbidden may only intensify a kid's attraction to them.

• Model good nutrition choices. If you decide on fries rather than baked potato, you simply cannot be expecting them to do the opposite. Your children imitate you all the time.

• Fill nutrition gaps using snacks. What your child eats in between meals can be just as vital as what is eaten during meals. Decide to put as much imagination into offering wholesome options.

• Discourage the habit of eating and watching TV simultaneously. When anyone eats while watching TV they simply lose track of how much they have eaten and this has been liked to obesity. You could decide to reduce television also at other time, which has been linked with childhood along with adolescent weight problems. Invest in a trampoline and your kids will have loads of entertainment, not to mention fun exercise every day.

• For older kids and adolescents worried about how much they weigh, teach them the fact that physical exercise (rather than dieting) will be the most effective path to losing weight. Not only teach, but be the example of a leading a balanced life with eating good food, daily exercise and do life together without the processed foods. Everyone will feel better for it.

• Make as many Home-made snacks (use our healthy snack recipes for kids for ideas) ie. biscuits, scones and cookies as possible. At least you know what goes into them. By Home-made I mean making them by scratch, no package mixes! There are many simple recipes out there and I will even add one that my kids love (see below). Have fun and even get the kids involved in helping to cook.

Healthy Habits for Kids - Teens

Now that they are making many of their own food choices, teens must be educated concerning the part nutrition plays in leading happy, productive lifestyles. When explaining the advantages of eating well in ways which matter to teens, like improved functioning in school and also sporting activities for instance, this can motivate them to eat well.

• Teens require more vitamin C, calcium and iron than adults. Dietary studies indicate deficiencies in teenage girls.

• Calcium, most effective when obtained together with magnesium and vitamin D, are crucial regarding bone support. Getting these now will assist in protecting bones later.

• For healthy skin, teens require plenty of nutrients, water, fibre and essential fats - and much less sugar and highly refined foodstuff and beverages.

• Teens who eat on the run, are active in sports, or even are worried about weight, might think about a good health supplement to help fill the gaps inside their nutrient intake.

• The teenage years can be very stressful, which can affect all sorts of things from skin, to making decisions, to eating habits. Guide your child on how to master the coping skills with regard to emotional tension.

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids #1

Jam Drops

2 cups self raising flour

1 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup caster sugar

200 g butter

2 tblsp milk

Jam (any flavour - preferably one that does not have preservatives or numbers in the ingredients) or Whole Almonds as an alternative - if your kids don’t like jam)

Preheat oven to 180oC. Place baking paper on tray.

Mix all ingredients. Make biscuits into the size of a small tablespoon (beware they do spread) leaving enough room between each one. Press your thumb or teaspoon in the middle of each biscuit to make an indent for the jam (or almond) to sit. Put about ½ or less teaspoons of jam (or almond) in the indent.

Bake for 15 mins or until brown. Cool in tray or rack.

NB. I know all the butter and sugar in this recipe sound like a lot but I would prefer my kids having this over all the biscuits out there with so many additives and preservatives in them.Just make sure you resist eating them or you will have to do as much running around as your kids.

We will continue to supply more healthy snack recipes for kids. Be sure to bookmark this page with our latest updates.

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