Daily Food Diary

What is a daily food diary you may ask...Simple it is just a record of everything you eat. Yes everything!! One of the first steps to working out what you are eating is writing it down. It is just amazing how many people think that they are eating well (including myself) but when it comes to writing down a record of all the calories we can simply just be eating too many. It is surprising what we can be forgetting, so make sure you diarize everything including dressings and that tablespoon of milk that you are putting in your coffee. Do this after every meal so you don't forget what you ate.

At the end of each day, with the help of a calorie counter, add what you have totalled for the day and be sure to write it in your daily food diary.

* Men should aim for a Max of 2000 calories / day for weight loss

* Women should aim for a Max of 1400 calories / day for weight loss

You don't need a printable daily food diary. It's all easier than it sounds. Just grab yourself an exercise book, diary or plain sheet of paper, write the day of the week and jot down everything you eat. Look up in a calorie counter the value in calories. At the end of the day simply total the calories you consumed for the day. Remember you want to stick to the above mention maximum calories for the day, for best results.

If you have gone over the desired calories for the day, just plan what you are goind to eat the next day. Reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories a day until you reach the your desired calorie intake, as above.

Daily Food diary tips to help along the way...

* Time your meals. You should have consumed each meal within 1 hour. Make sure your last meal of the day is 2 hours before bedtime.

* Buying yourself a calorie counter is the easiest way to stay in control. Keep it in your bag along with your daily food diary, when out and about and never be guessing again. Your local newsagent should have some in stock.

* Counting your calories is important, but just as importantly if not more so is to make sure you are eating Low GI foods. See GI Foods page.

* You don't want all your meals to include breads, pasta, or cereals (carbohydrates). Include these in 1-2 meals a day preferably breakfast and lunch. In your other meals include proteins and vegetables, for example: 1 grilled chicken breast and a mixed salad for dinner.

* Include ONE protein (ie. eggs, cooked chicken, yoghurt, cheese) in every meal to keep you fuller for longer.

* If you need something sweet at the end of a meal, instead of reaching for a biscuit (in fact ban them from the household food items) munch on an apple instead. The meat of an apple is mostly Pectin, it is a natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Pectin is one of two nutritional reasons that apples are so good for you. Remember that old rhyme "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well....Pectin fiber assists the body with cleansing itself and can assist the body with:

* Removing daily toxins

* Removing heavy metals

* Removing damaged cellular material

* Lowering blood fats

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